Goals and Objectives

We believe that for individuals and families to prosper and feel secure they need: access to a broad range of educational opportunity from infancy to adulthood; confidence in themselves; access to living-wage jobs, good health and wellness options; a sustainable environment in which to live; and the chance to participate in the many social and cultural institutions that make up the fabric of communities. Therefore, the Seabury Foundation focuses our funding on projects that address these goals and objectives through educational initiatives. While many grants are initiated, developed, sponsored and reviewed by family members, the Foundation does accept a limited number of unsolicited proposals for review each year that are directed only to programs serving the City of Chicago and Benzie County, Michigan.

Competitive applicants will be able to show how they are changing lives, and will have clear, promising strategies for projects and programs in the following areas:

Educational Opportunity
In seeking to expand educational opportunity, the Foundation supports projects which:

  • provide training in early childhood development and education for parents and caregivers
  • improve the access for all students to high quality preschool, primary and secondary education
  • improve learning for at-risk students through innovative programs and curriculum
  • help prepare under-resourced high school students to enter college or the workforce
  • provide low income adults the prospect of obtaining further education and credentials to improve their lives
  • increase literacy for children, youth and adults, including financial literacy where needed
  • build self-esteem in children, youth and adults.

Health and Wellness Options
To promote good health, the Foundation seeks projects which:

  • improve health education for children and young people, particularly in relation to healthy eating, obesity, physical fitness, early pregnancy and substance abuse
  • educate young people about peaceful conflict resolution techniques and the need to eliminate the incidence of sexual and physical abuse in their relationships.

Access to Jobs
In its desire to help individuals develop the practical and personal resources to live a healthy, productive and satisfying life, the Foundation supports projects which:

  • help young people and adults develop the basic skills which will lead to long-term employment and economic self-sufficiency
  • help young people and adults with opportunities to advance previously acquired skills so as to move upward in their field of employment
  • help those re-entering society acquire the life skills and job skills to become productive citizens
  • foster creative thinking leading to innovative solutions to the problem of job creation.

Social and Cultural Opportunity
In the social and cultural sphere, the Foundation will consider projects which support the availability and accessibility of the arts for underserved communities and schools.

Environmental Sustainability
In order to allow people to live in an environment that will be sustainable over time, the Foundation will consider projects which:

  • educate families on environmentally sustainable practices and promote skills and behaviors that will preserve the health of our environment
  • educate schoolchildren, youth and adults about protecting the natural resources of Chicago and the greater metropolitan region.