Grants Allocation

In general, The Seabury Foundation makes one-time, special project grants, rather than general operating support. On occasion, the Foundation may invite grant renewal requests for up to two consecutive succeeding years. After that period, the Foundation will not consider a request for funding from that organization until a minimum of two full years plus one grant cycle have passed since the final grant was awarded. If an organization receives funding three times within a four year grant period, it will not be eligible for a new grant until two full years plus one grant cycle have elapsed since the last grant. Please note that all grants awarded are within the City of Chicago, with the exception of projects personally sponsored by family members. The Seabury Foundation does not contribute to individuals, benefits, annual campaigns, private schools, or private research.

  • A portion of each year’s funds is dedicated to ongoing support of those organizations which the Founders themselves supported and to scholarships which have been established by the Foundation.
  • A significant portion of each year’s grants are initiated, developed and reviewed by family members, both in the Chicago metropolitan area and other locales where they have an interest.
  • A limited number of proposals are accepted for review each year for projects in the City of Chicago. Of the proposals reviewed, a select number will be funded, while others of excellent merit may be declined, due to limited staff resources and funds.