Philosophy and Values

The Seabury Foundation recognizes that many of the issues, needs and challenges confronting people in our times arise from the circumstances in which they live. The potential for improving or moving beyond those circumstances may be hampered by a lack of information or skills, or by the inability to access educational opportunities. Therefore, the Foundation strives to increase the prospects for children, youth, and adults to master, surmount or transform their circumstances by helping to provide access to the myriad of educational opportunities that exist and by helping to create educational programs where they are missing.

We value partners with expertise and commitment to helping transform social and economic disparities through grass roots or community-based projects and programs. Therefore, we will direct our funding to organizations that focus on: uncovering and nurturing community assets; empowering program participants to make meaningful long-lasting changes in their lives; and providing activities and direct services built around culturally appropriate standards of personal character and ethics.

In general, The Seabury Foundation makes one-time program and project grants, rather than general operating support. On occasion, the Foundation may award sequential grants to an organization for up to three consecutive years, or three times in a four year period. However, we do not make multi-year grants. Absent remarkable circumstances, following a third consecutive grant, or three grants within a four year period, the Foundation will not consider a request for funding from that organization until a minimum of two full years plus one funding cycle has passed since the final grant was awarded. The Seabury Foundation does not contribute to individuals, benefits, annual campaigns, private schools or private research.

Recognizing that from time to time extraordinary opportunities arise, the Foundation may on its own initiative engage with a partner/grantee in the community to develop a significant project or program addressing a clearly focused educational need that would otherwise go unmet but for a substantial tipping point grant. Partnerships with other foundations or resource providers to insure effective results with a demonstrable positive impact in the community may also be entertained.