Our Giving Priority

Education: The Seabury Foundation supports organizations that instruct, inform, and guide people toward the development of knowledge, skills, and understanding.

With this shared value as the point of connection, we seek to build trust-based relationships with nonprofits operating in our one or more of our focus areas.

Board of Directors

Celebrating 75 years of family tradition, The Seabury Foundation is still guided by descendants of Charles Ward and Louise Lovett Seabury. Our Board of Directors includes members of the 3rd, 4th, and 5th generation of the Seabury Family (grand-, great-grand-, and great-great-grandchildren of Charles & Louise Seabury).

Robin Holloway, President

Dustin Holloway, Secretary

Deborah Seabury Holloway, Treasurer

Lindsey Gutman

Louise Morris

Peter Fisk

Robert Morris


Billy McGuinness, Executive Director


Holly Gabelmann, Program Partner


Our Current Nonprofit Partners

“We learned as children our duty to our fellow man—which includes all human relationships.” – Charles Ward Seabury

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