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Our Giving Priority

Education: The Seabury Foundation considers the learning process to be the root of all healthy action—for individuals, families, neighborhoods, cities, and society as a whole. Accordingly, we partner with organizations that embrace the cultivation of understanding and the development of capability as critical aspects of their work. With education as the through line, we provide funding (and additional resources) to organizations operating in our focus areas.

Board of Directors

75 years later, The Seabury Foundation is still family run. Our Board of Directors includes members of the 3rd, 4th, and 5th Generations of the Seabury Family (grand-, great-grand-, and great-great-grandchildren of Charles & Louise Seabury).

Robin Holloway, President

Kristen Seabury, Vice President

Dustin Holloway, Secretary

Deborah Seabury Holloway, Treasurer

Lindsey Gutman

Peter Fisk

Robert Morris


Billy McGuinness, Executive Director


Holly Gabelmann, Program Partner